Having a Blast Since 1957

For over 50 years, BDI has been finding innovative solutions for the aviation industry. We have become a world leader in designing, manufacturing, delivery and installing Jet Blast Deflectors (JBDs) and Ground Run-Up Enclosures (GREs). By focusing exclusively on jet blast and run-up noise, BDI has earned a reputation for its expertise, integrity, and long-term customer commitment.

Stanley Lynn, Founder. BDI's leading-edge technology today is a result of the pioneering work of Stanley Lynn, who founded the Lynn Engineering Company in 1946; eleven years later, a division of the company eventually became BDI.

In 1957 Stanley Lynn loaded his homemade deflector prototype into the family station wagon and drove to El Segundo Airbase. The Lynnco model E became the U.S. military standard.

The Blast Deflector Division of Lynn Engineering Co. was created in Los Gatos, California.

In the 1960s BDI began expanding into the commercial aviation market, providing jet blast solutions for aircraft maneuvering at taxi/breakaway power. Providing needed jet blast protection for roadways, building and parking areas around the airport.

In the 1970s BDI continued to innovate its product and designs to accommodate new aircraft designs and more powerful engines.

In the 1980s BDI continued providing effective solutions for jet blast protection. Designing deflectors for the full afterburner operations of the most cutting aircraft like the B-1 bomber.

In the 1990s BDI recognized a growing need for engine run-up noise abatement technology, and designed and patented its stable flow GRE technology for the Chicago O'Hare airport.

BDI continues to innovate its products and designs in order to offer the most advanced technological solutions for the worlds most cutting edge aircraft.