Ground Run Up Enclosures.

Ground Run Up Enclosures

The aviation industry has changed significantly in the past 20 years. The dramatic increase in air traffic worldwide has increased the number of take-off power ground run-ups and the noise they generate. Maintenance run-ups typically create a greater noise nuisance than actual takeoffs and are often scheduled at night. This can result in noise complaints from the community and creates a serious public relations problem for airport officials. BDI pioneered a cost-effective, technologically-advanced solution for ground run-up noise attenuation.


Every GRE project requires a customized approach due to the unique conditions and circumstances that exist at each airport and surrounding community. BDI understands the complicated dynamics of a GRE project, which often includes many diverse parties, each with a different background and agenda. In addition to being the turnkey supplier, BDI's role involves facilitating teamwork among the parties. This typically includes owners, users, consultants, regulatory agencies and the local community. BDI has learned through experience what is necessary to elicit cooperation from all involved.

For a complimentary analysis of how BDI technology can mitigate ground run-up noise problems, please contact us. BDI's philosophy is based on providing our customers with the highest quality products and services that match BDI's international reputation of performance and value earned over the last 60 years.

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Project Hamburg, Germany

Location: Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport - Hamburg, Germany
Type: 4-sided Ground Run-up Enclosure


Project Vancouver, Canada

Location: Vancouver International Airport - Vancouver, Canada
Type: 3-sided Ground Run-up Enclosure


Project Memphis, TN USA

Location: Memphis International Airport - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Type: 3-sided Ground Run-up Enclosure


Project St. Louis, MO USA

Location: Spirit of St. Louis Airport - St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Type: 3-sided Ground Run-up Enclosure


Project Toronto, Canada

Location: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport - Toronto, Canada
Type: 3-Sided Ground Run-up Enclosure

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Location: Dubai International Airport
Type: 3 -Sided Ground Run-up Enclosure

Waterford Township, MI

Waterford Township, MI USA

Location: Oakland County International Airport
Type: 3-Sided Ground Run-up Enclosure