Jet Blast Deflectors


Maximizing Space, Minimizing Danger

By focusing exclusively on solutions for jeb blast and noise attenuation, BDI has gained a clear understanding of the issues airport planners face today. Planning is a major challenge for Airport Operations Area (AOA) designers, particularly when demands for expansion increase while usable space is limited. BDI jet blast deflectors greatly reduct the space required between aircraft and jet blast-sensitive areas such as buildings, parking areas, taxiways and baggage handling areas. AOA management is dramatically improved with the use of BDI deflectors by providing more flexibility in planning airside space without sacrificing safety.

Cost Saving Advantage

Outstanding Longevity: typically over 20 years.
Easily Transported: components are packaged for easy handling and shipped either on flatbed trucks or in ocean containers.
Easy Installation: pre-engineered components require no special tools or equipment for a quick and efficient installation
Versatility: deflectors can be used as perimeter security fencing. They can also be relocated, extended or reconfigured when requirements change.
Maintenance-Free: material features a thick galvanized coating and locking feature.

JBD Specialists

Since 1957 BDI has been the only company in the world to offer a full line of blast deflectors suitable for all types of military and commercial aircraft. This diverse range of deflectors includes light duty taxi/breakaway power models, heavy duty full-power run-up models and afterburner modls. BDI deflectors, which offer protection from aircraft exhaust by redirecting jet blasts upward, are designe for use with the latest aircraft models such as the F-35, the Eurofighter, the A380, the B747-8 and the B-787.

Customer Driven Innovation

BDI seeks optimum results exclusively for the aviation industry by focusing on customer-driven design solutions. This is evident in BDI's commitment to providing a customized solution for each project, post-installation follow-up and careful product monitoring. BDI has always encouraged technical feedback from its customers, which has resulted in continuous product innovation and improvement. To ensure BDI's product line is relevant to all aircraft types, BDI carefully monitors developments by commercial airframe manufacturers. With a database dating back more than 50 years, BDI has instant access to specifications of past projects. This makes the process smoother for repeat clients who require updates or modifications to existing BDI products.

Consultant to Airport Consultants

BDI engineers work with airports or consultants to product specifications for each project. BDI team members, some with more than 30 years of aviation industry experience, are avaialbe for site evaluation, foundation recommendations and plan development. Early involvement in a JBD project allows BDI to offer strategic input on deflector options, project layout, budget and guide specifications—all instrumental to a successful project. BDI's expertise is a valuable resource for airport consultants; we have focused on aircraft jet blast solutions since the origins of jet aircraft ni commercial aviation. BDI works with airport consultants and planners from world and is an active participant with the Airport Consultants Council, The Airports Council International and the American Association of Airport Executives.