Featured Projects: Jet Blast Deflectors

Calgary International Airport
A tall deflector at Air Canada's maintenance facility

Calgary International Airport

Alberta, Canada

Owner: Calgary Airport Authority

A 19' (5.79m) tall deflector for full power run ups of B767, RJ700 and A320 aircraft at Air Canada's maintenance facility.

Deflector Model: G19M-3; Overall Length: 282' (85.95m);
Deflector Height: 19' (5.79m); End Wall Height: 12' (3.66m);
Installation: Mar 2010

Southern California Logistics Airport
Over 700ft of deflector for a full power engine run-up area

Southern California Logistics Airport

Victorville, California

Owner: City of Victorville

This deflector is suitable for use with all aircraft running with wing engines. An "L" shaped design was required in order to run in two primary wind directions. The area is being used to test the new GEnx aircraft engine along with other GE prototypes.

Deflector Model: U19-3; Overall Length: 738' (224.94m);
Deflector Height: 19' (5.79m); End Wall Height: 12' (3.65M);
Installation: Nov 2009

Boeing Wide Body Facility
The all-aluminum deflector was necessary due to compass calibration

Boeing Wide Body Facility

Everett, Washington

Owner: Boeing

BDI supplied several deflectors for high power engine run-ups at Boeings wide body facility in Everett Washington, including an all aluminum deflector for Boeings compass rose. BDI's design team developed the deflector in order to accommodate both high power
run-ups and compass calibration.

Deflector Models: U19-2ALU; Overall Length: 554' (168.8m);
Deflector Height: 19' (5.79m); End Wall Height: 12' (3.66m);
Installation: Jan 2008

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
A 19ft three sided deflector suitable for full power engine run-ups of Gulfstream aircraft

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Savannah, Georgia

Owner: Gulfstream

A 19ft tall three-sided deflector suitable for running Gulfstream aircraft at full power in various orientations depending on wind conditions. The deflector was part of a new engine check pad at the Gulfstream facility.

Deflector Model: U19-3; Overall Length: 156' (47.5m); Deflector Height: 19' (5.79m); End Wall Height: 12' (3.66m); Installation: May 2007

Gulf Aviation Maintenance Company
Full power deflectors at GAMCO's facility at the Abu Dhabi International Airport

Gulf Aviation Maintenance Company

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Owner: GAMCO

In 2005, GAMCO launched a project to update existing deflectors, originally built in the 90's by BDI, and install new ones. The upgraded jet blast barriers needed to accommodate modern commercial aircraft such as the A380 and the B777.

Deflector Model: G20M-3 with U35-2; Overall Length: 885' (270m); Deflector Height: 20' (6.10m) and 35' (10.67m); End Wall Height: 12' (3.66m); Installation: Jul 2006

Madrid Barajas International Airport
Part of the new Terminal 4 at the Barajas International Airport

Madrid Barajas International Airport

Madrid, Spain

Owner: AENA

BDI deflectors protect an airport road from aircraft turning into gates. Although the galvanized steel requires no maintenance this project required the deflectors to be painted for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Deflector Model: G14NB-6; Overall Length: 1512' (460m);
Deflector Height: 14' (4.27m); Installation: May 2004

Portable Deflector
Portable blast screen

Portable Deflector

Manchester, United Kingdom

This portable blast screen was installed on individual sections of concrete foundation that can be easily moved with a forklift. This deflector is rated for taxi power operations and provided visual transparency. This solution is ideal for protecting temporary operations (construction projects, etc.) at the airport, when regular reconfiguration of the deflector is needed.

Fort Hood Regional Airport
A vertical blast fence installed on existing PCC

Fort Hood Regional Airport

Killeen, Texas

Owner: Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport

Due to limited space, this project required a vertical blast fence to be installed on existing PCC. The APS design offered visual transparency, which was ideal for this project due to the close proximity of an airport building behind the blast fence.

Deflector Model: APS Vertical Blast Fence; Overall Length: 52' (15.84m); Deflector Height: 11.8' (3.6m); Installation: Apr 2009

Singapore Airlines
Full power blast deflector for high power run-ups with the A380 aircraft

Singapore Airlines


Full power blast deflector for high power run-ups with the A380 aircraft. This deflector also incorporated a 35ft tall section for high power run-ups with the number 2 engine of MD-11 and DC-10 aircraft.

Deflector Model: U19/35; Deflector Height: 19ft with a 35ft section

Cairo International Airport
Protecting a roadway and building from maneuvering aircraft

Cairo International Airport

Cairo, Egypt

Owner: Cairo International Airport

Protect a roadway and building from maneuvering aircraft. Four deflectors were required, three runs of 14' (4.27m) tall and one with a height of 20' (6.10m) for a parking area used by A380 aircraft.

Deflector Models: G14NB-6 & G20NB-6; Overall Length: 558' (170m); Deflector Height: 14' (4.27m) & 20' (6.10m); Installation: Apr 2008

Hong Kong International Airport
Protect a roadway from taxiing aircraft, up to A380

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong, China

Owner: Hong Kong Airport Authority

Protect a roadway from taxiing aircraft, up to A380. Due to the wide range of aircraft that will use this area, a 20' tall deflector was required.

Deflector Model: G20NB-6; Overall Length: 480' (146.3m);
Deflector Height: 20' (6.10m); Installation: Sep 2008

Fiberglass Jet Blast Deflector
New fiberglass jet blast deflector at the end of a runway protects a roadway.

Fiberglass Jet Blast Deflector

T.F. Green Airport

BDI recently announced the introduction of a new line of jet blast deflectors designed specifically for use with Instrument Landing System (ILS) localizers and NavAids. BDI has since successfully supplied and installed this new fiberglass deflector model at the T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island. The project was part of the Runway End 16-34 Safety Area Improvement The new jet blast deflector, which is made of heavy duty fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), maintains the same curved aerodynamic shape that BDI has utilized for over 55 years.