Military Solutions.

Taxi Power Seriess

JBD's for taxi/breakaway power operations provide a safe area during ramp movement and maximize usable ramp space. These deflectors range in height depending on the aircraft mix and the area requiring protection. Projects are analyzed using simulation software to evaluate jet blast hazards and identify the ideal deflector configuration.


High power run-ups are an essential part of military aircraft maintenance. After any major maintenance, an engine run-up is typically required before issuance of an exceptional release. BDI deflectors provide a safe, convenient way to perform these run-up operations. BDI provides a range of high power deflectors for all military aircraft (transport, tactical, tanker, fighter, etc…)

High Power Series
After Burner Run Ups

Unabated power check pads for afterburner aircraft require a very heavy duty structure that can withstand extremely high temperatures and velocities. BDI offers two standard deflector models: the GS12-2 and the GS20-2.


A Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) is a blast deflector with acoustic walls that enclose the aircraft. This technology is used when run-up noise is an issue for the surrounding community. BDI provides GRE solutions for all types of military aircraft. The GRE provides aerodynamic stability for efficient run-ups, along with patented acoustic panels for maximizing noise mitigation benefits. A GRE is effectively an open-top hush house, ideal for large cargo aircraft that cannot be accommodated in a traditional hush house.

High Power Series

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Oklahoma City, OK USA

Location: Tinker Air Force Base
Type: Deflector Model G14M-3
Length: 408 lineal feet (124.3m)


Project Ramstein, Germany

Location: Ramstein Air Base
Type: Deflector Model U19-3
Length: 19 lineal feet (5.79m)


Project Latvia

Location: Lielvārde Air Base
Type: Vertical Model V10-6
Length: 10 lineal feet (3.04m)


Project St. Augustine, FL USA

Location: Northrop Grumman
Type: 3-sided Ground Run-up Enclosure


Project Ben Guerir, Morocco

Location: Ben Guerir Air Base
Type: Deflector Model GS12-2
Length: 12 lineal feet (3.66m)


Project Oklahoma City, OK USA

Location: Tinker Air Force Base
Type: Deflector Model G14M-3
Length: 165 lineal feet (50.3m)

Iwakuni, Japan

Iwakuni, Japan

Location: Iwakuni Air Base
Type: Deflector Model GS16-2
Length: 90 lineal feet (28m)