Military Solutions: Applications

Taxi Power Series

JBD's for taxi/breakaway power operations provide a safe area during ramp movements and maximize usable ramp space. These deflectors range in height depending on the aircraft mix and the area requiring protection. Projects are analyzed using simulation software to evaluate jet blast hazards and identify the ideal deflector configuration.

High Power Run-Ups

High power run-ups are an essential part of military aircraft maintenance. After any major maintenance, an engine run-up is typically required before issuance of an exceptional release. BDI deflectors provide a safe, convenient way to perform these run-up operations. BDI provides a range of high power deflectors for all military aircract (transport, tactical, tanker, fighter, etc...)

Afterburner Run-Ups

BDI provides a full line of afterburner deflectors to protect the surrounding area from afterburner run-ups. These run-ups, typically on an unabated power check pad, produce tremendous amount of thrust and heat. BDI's afterburner series of deflectors provide a safe environment for these tests and minimizes jet blast hazards, fire and FOD.

Ground Run-Up Enclosures

A Ground Run-Up Enclosure (GRE) is a blast deflector with acoustic walls that enclose the aircraft. This technology is used when run-up noise is an issue for the surrounding community. BDI provides GRE solutions for all types of military aircraft. The GRE provides aerodynamic stability for efficient run-ups, along with patente acoustic panels for maximizing noise mitigation benefits. A GRE is effectively an open-top hush house, ideal for large cargo aircraft that cannot be accommodated in a traditional hush house.

Which Type is Ideal For Your Purpose?

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